A beat I wrote for rappers


I like to write beats for free for rappers or dj’s who need em its my little gift to society and it cost me a lot of money in equipment too


I do not need love

I do not need love

I do not need you

it would all end in gloom

I do not need love


I do not need love

I don’t wanna be used

I’ll get the blues and be true

I do not need love


I do not need love

I’ll leave my heart in the ice

of a river of your spite

I do not need love


I do not need love

once bitten, shy twice

I’ll leave love behind

I do not need love

Riding the storms

Riding the storms – link here

is a project that will be a book of art and poetry freely available to in patients in mental health units

the creations are by mental health patients created for mental health patients to find solice in the words or images and find a field of familiarity for their pain while they are in a unit

donations or shares are very welcome


please click the link for more information




no more light at the end of the tunnel

its like the final fight to end all the trouble

quite right I sit tight an try and burst the bubbles

get my verses heard but my words are mumbled

I was shinin bright through the strife and the struggle

my life coulda woulda been alright I could be humble

collecting all the nectar like a bumble bee

rejecting my plight into this negativity

aged in my brains like a rotting disease

pleased to make peace with forgotten prophesy

ragin at the people when am weak at the knees

an takin any form of illegal remedy

I believed deceit and revenge would be easy

seemingly not I got locked up – please free me

dreamin of a scene of pastures of green

passed all my serenity cant seem to scream