People come n go

People come n people go Seems so many years ago

tomorrows written poems found woes in what I wrote

I suppose I gots to flow in my pros an in my home

With my homies in the zone though sometimes should be alone

Grown, on my phone writin, my scribin is grown too

Minds With the ryhmes vibin on the mic that hype you 

Those vokes own tha timing  Flown higher  in the mind 

Till we strike with bright lightening feel the pain ov  unkind dues 

Mind you we gotsta have it maniacs without the man’s vice 

Spice up them habits with patches of unruly life 

Treason ov the almanac, mice missing mad fables

Seriously degrading to the cat as the bell chimes

Stories they all bore me…  man has heard em all twice 

The moral from the cradle I’m unable to recite 

Bitten twice am thrice shy I wouldn’t mind if I was smitten

With th gory core ov the shitty pits ov this Britain 


Here’s a 16 I wrote but not finished the beat yet

I ain’t far from the street
Scribin bars to these beats
I Ain’t ridin any car
ain’t a star by any means

bizarre to th ladies
see me n see me crazy
no creep that they see
Still they see me as a freak

Maybe a freak in these sheets
beatin my man meat
I be ill n I be unique n me I aint gon be defeated

depleted feelin weak from the speed up in my beak
life heated like my seat, sittin back n I greet relief

good greif is god so mean
should I really be gettin clean
my eyes green to other pastures
am I keen for sum rough disaster?

have to save me like a pastor
Jesus he feeds me pasta
with the peas and other greens
that I need to eat faster
have to get them girlie’s naked steada spankin off to xhampster
cramps in my hand all my friends callin me a wanker

Bankers feed me fees for subscriptions that I never needed
exceeded creams in your dreams u best believe it

Untitled so far

Crystal shards of ice impale his heart
he would suffice with his art when he started to be nice
enticed by the crafts of demonic entities
all within the walls of his empathies reflections

sparks in the darkness, a bark in harsh directions
infected with scarred life, left in dimensions
O grieving n deceit dissecting paths of the dunce
punch n he bleed, leaking rhymes of his perception

in time he got it finite n wrote down to this rhythm
listening to squares and sines on this system
I glare in to the monitor I’m wishing for the wisdom
I perceive as a kingdom you just see it as shit living

Give a pound of flesh to confess that we be stressing
no messin with the blessed you gettin less of my questions
mind gets the doubt n be regretting that you forgetting
I bit the hand the fed when I begged to be expressing

the Ice melts, the heart needs to heal to feel the fables
I’d be able to be skilled if my state became stable
dysfunctional daze in a haze on the realness
I really am disabled from this life, and what it deals us

I peel back my eyelids I see the face of the moon
consuming all the doom as I snooze through the pain
my dreams reflect the gloom of many days of loosin
the truth of the matter gettin splattered in my brains

My main frame contains a slayed down game of hope
I can blame many a face at the base I cant cope with it
a bloke in this Britain pissin my visions down the slope
I try to step it back up, did you have my back, nope

Well whatever never mind, this life screws us all
I try to be so kind why I been spat at by them fools
Aint into talkin to idiots that be droolin
they ears glooped up thats why they all be so cruel then


Time awaits you
To lose out on another thing
I try to shout out
Is it true nobody listenin?

I snooze through the seasons
Reasons sing doubt
Smothering emotions
Devoted to feelin nowt I

Think I need a house
Where the evil keepin out
I’m sinking in the devious
Dazed and am dizzy now

Mischievous hazes amaze
Through the grey days
Forgettin all regret
Am resettin n gettin lazy