Haikubes 28-02-2015

A desire for my family

No putrid whispers
Switch our shady dilemma
Violet after this

A desire for our world

So not into wrong
Smooth this logical many
As whispers surface

A vision for my childhood

Flying through window
My fortune Spat before long
Who biting his shot

A reflection on my romantic life

Watching into stage
My mouthful,  I turn inside
Our travel or dilemma

A dream about my work life

My heavy rivals
Overlook moonlight glancing
Opens blocks also

A reflection on my childhood

Heavy fantasy
Logical inside before
We never journey

A dream about my romantic life

Obey gorgeous bust
Slowly I finger inside
Many touches here

Haikubes 27-02-3015

A reflection on my work life

Eyes also shiver
Fathom logical fortune
Slowly sweet dancing

A vision for my future

The wise melodic
Along my violet window
The dreaming tiger

A tirade about my work life

I slowly so grand
It’s wise parallel fortune
Dynamic one sang

A regret about my work life

Lame journey inside
Fertile dreaming through it’s charm
Candy fantasy

A dream about my future

My friendly tiger
Flying ravenous water
To that next window

A desire for my work life

She sang mouthing life
To ground our full fantasy
Her hand shines that light

A reflection on my romantic life

My lame fantasy
Her shady Revolting looks
Doctor blocks touches

Haikubes 26-02-2015

A tirade about my family

Empty villain #@&*#!!
Simple bottle slowly dead
My riches Spat next

A regret about my family

Dead #@&*#!! Biting sleep
My sweet baby slowly leaves
One shines,  no candy

A vision for my work life

Gorgeous fantasy
Finally my promises
As radical shines

A regret about my childhood

The silly thunder
Slowly they Spat the woman
Sweet promises flock

A tirade about my childhood

Slowly the hellbent
Obey science,  eyes under
The silly woman

A tirade about my family

Mommy greased my charm
Hmmmm no ritual or fortune
Lame putrid dreaming

A reflection on my work life

Timidly empty
Grace whispers honestly
Under silly #@&*#!!


A tirade about my childhood

Desperate dreaming
My vain mature fantasy
Revolting spiral

A reflection on my romantic life

My desperate waste
This hard stick, doctor biting
Into gorgeous rides

A reflection on my work life

Glorious dreaming
Hmmm my lame hellbent sleeping
Heavy sneaky ground

A regret about our world

She obey of flesh
Ravenous brother rivals
We stick peace, it fall

A tirade about my worklife

Quickly overlook
Dreaming ravenous moonlight
Spat candy tangle

A reflection on my family

As shady fortune
A villain return thunder
Ugly cover shines

A dream about our world

Her sister opens
Her fertile ravenous limbs
They clear man thunder