Haikubes 24-03-2015…

A vision for my worklife…

My partner watching
Timidly smooth parallel
Rivals dilemma…

Haikubes 14-03-2015

A tirade about my childhood

All #@&*#!! Happy
Glorious slimy, rides next
On wicked moonlight

A reflection on my childhood

Sleep for feeling charm
Dynamic places turn wind
I shiver inside

A vision for my future

Her mouthful my lips
Ravenous heavy #@&*#!!
Feeling giant bust

A desire for my family

Honestly mouthing
My able grace, shot sneaky
Shady war rides last

A regret about my work life

#@&*#!! Hellbent home
Promises of honestly
For wicked that peace

A vision for our world

Hero stay clever
A dancing wind or water
In able places

A reflection on my romantic life

The #@&*#!! wicked
Who waste a precious mouthful
Flying between us