Haikubes 29-02-2015

A reflection on our world

Man behind wrong #@&*#!!
Sweet fertile whispers thunder
Quickly trouble sang

A regret about my work life

A desperate room
I hoped our hero friendly
The places all life

A regret about my childhood

You slimy hero
Glorious livid whispers
Over one so wrong

A regret about my family

That Spat me livid
Baby wrong,  it’s my wise ground
Girl on,  turn clever

A dream about my romantic life

Feeling wet, I licks
His slips in those places, rides
Gorgeous eyes for peace

A regret about my childhood

Gorgeous whispers ran
Radical slimy sister
I ouch, if those wrong

A tirade about my romantic life

The biting journey
Slowly her whispers,  it’s hard
She touches me not