The days of summer past now we all see
The way to be in our reality
Some way I’ll make the grade to your beauty
Unlock my heart I’ll throw away the key

As days come into years and centuries
I have my thoughts in mere obscenities
I’ll see my path and step eventually
The meaning is so daft and falls to breeze

In days I’m with my fears the night doth ease
This haze is crazed and weird and diseased
Amazed I have some longing memories
You sing a song of death now if you please

My play is ways of the juniper tree
Distilled to make me ill and feel so free…

In bed…

If I knew love would I be better kept
Above it all or really quite inept
Discoveries to be a secret kept
I’d weaken at the knees if she said yes

I’m Speaking of my freedom still is left
Would I be better off if someone said
You ease but if you please then we would wed
To tease beneath the trees and feel her breath

A treat to me is still so little yet
I’d give a little more for someone blessed
I live a life so full of fun and dread
I’ll live to eighty four without her head

And still what’s more I seethe I shoulda leapt
Into those arms instead I stayed in bed…


The morning comes so early on this day
Some days I wish the days would go away
I pray my path is lit but will decay
Yet still I am inside I am afraid

I feel as if by me I am betrayed
The steel within my blade is undisplayed
Concealing how I feel this masquerade
Is burning at the wheels there is no aid

The seasons now will bring us all some shade
From scorching reasons to be better played
By he by she it seems they all do fade
Gone from the scene to be in better ways

Become someone you model from the clay
When glaze is set forget you in your haze…

Enflamed through the soul…

I need to rest the night time now has come
I’ve freed my head from all the bits of scum
I’d breed a death of all my thinking glum
Succeed to take a breath and now succumb

Agreed my best could well be yet to sum
Of all my voices deaf to sense and stun
Of all my choices left I have but none
Of speed and mead I need to bleed the sun

To heed my love I could but have a son
So dreary are my grievances are young
So hear me if you please to keep it fun
Where’s the sense in me there must be some

And if there was just flame to aim was sprung
Then would it be through me which it was flung?…