In bed…

If I knew love would I be better kept
Above it all or really quite inept
Discoveries to be a secret kept
I’d weaken at the knees if she said yes

I’m Speaking of my freedom still is left
Would I be better off if someone said
You ease but if you please then we would wed
To tease beneath the trees and feel her breath

A treat to me is still so little yet
I’d give a little more for someone blessed
I live a life so full of fun and dread
I’ll live to eighty four without her head

And still what’s more I seethe I shoulda leapt
Into those arms instead I stayed in bed…


2 thoughts on “In bed…”

    1. Thanks. I have been reading a lot of poetry to write like this. Plus I use jotterpad for android which has an inbuilt rhyming dictionary. Its a bit expensive for an app but worth buying if you got internet access on your android device…

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