Grey clouds…

All that surrounds is grey and buried deep
Set in the ground and all around me creeps
This will release when sometimes I will weep
‘Twill keep me down and mock me if I leap

And I am bound to doubt and down defeat
All comes around the same and I’m left beat
Weak at the knees it’s hard to keep my feet
My needs are meek my means are all but bleak

Wound to the ground I cannot keep the heat
If wired to the sounds ‘twould keep me sweet
My eyes are down my ground it doth deplete
So I am grounded firmly to my seat

What would it take to make me more complete
Or should I just accept were not elite…

Of all the life…

Of all the life that left us to the dust
That busted out and left us in a fuss
Inside a casket down or then combust
My trust has gone, deaths’ wind will always gust

Of all the life that left us fewer thus
Of foolish means or dreams easily bust
Those hearts of gold turn easily to rust
The art of death is sad and quite unjust

Of all the lives that life they couldn’t suss
Still sacred are the lives to life adjust
Still for their lives return still we will lust
When Idols dwell on earth in all of us

So easily these means we all can cuss
Of all the life the strife live on you must…


I like to pen my woes but then you know
My spite is rife and sometimes it may show
And I’ll pretend that all is in it’s flow
Tonight I may delight as funds are blown

I’ll try to tend my notes, my wallet close
I like a wine it’s fine to blow my dough
I’d like to own some better clothes and grow
Collections of contraptions, show my bros

I like to pen my woes but then you know
‘Tis form despised the people mourn for pros
Despite I can show insight when alone
In presence of the essence as I clone

And all is lost the cost is still bestowed
The path is crossed and I’ll never know home…


If all of this was better than before
I need to sleep I need to do my chores
Apathy besets me to the core
When happiness is rarely at the door

I love to feel adored I was before
It seems my dreams are readily ignored
If all of this had something new in store
Now some of this will bring me to explore

My means are weak I speak I leave the floor
Where once I’d sleep and would for ever more
My words are cheap I’d creep into a store
And counterfeit the funds as I were poor

But youth is thus no plus unless you score
An have no crust just dust no ways assure

Loosing sleep…

Of all my strife is my life of the moon?
The core is rife and readily consumes
My form is high I wish it to be new
Less warm the night as I do not have you

No storm could bring me to become anew
I’m warn and blue my dreams do not come true
A4 and biro written black and blue
And I’m no hero I bringeth thy doom

Of all the cheers I seem to misconstrue
The years have brought a bitter placid view
And I’ve bitten off more than I can chew
And am smitten in the trap where I stew

On this earth so small in the universe
brittle is my incandescent hue


Intentions birth is pure and hath no sin
As tensions worth is bitter as thy gin
As error’s education doth begin
‘Tis Mirroring frustration as we win

‘Tis clearer than the night as day begins
I fear ’tis not to bright the day doth bring
Appearing with a feigning suffering
No cheerfulness can lift us from it’s wing

As from the devastation and it’s sting
I come to find ascension well within
A spell of misdirection chills my skin
Damn well my comprehension tends to spin

And if my rhythms spasm drifting grim
I’m listening to this to lift my chin…