I feel my joy is mostly all consumed
As but a boy I knew the doom and gloom
Whispering softly to the wind and moon
I never knew that I would be a loon

And still am coy enjoying all my blues
I know not any other kind of tune
I show my brother that my means are true
I’d satisfy you not with an excuse

I reached for my own noose yet I came loose
‘Tis true am set to lose still I’ll come new
And now to you there’s nothing I should prove
Am set to get my feeling in the groove

My woes were never new and yet they grew
Abandoned and neglected in my shoes…


In the night I’d sleep beneath the starlight
Despite the chills would test my very might
The lights are bright the starlight took its plight
The gritty city embers in its sight

If I knew highs I knew they took their bite
No need to fight no need to take their spite
No heed to rites succeeding o the nigh
I’m feeding on the sighs of others lives

The means are rife am I yet to know strife?
The dreams and schemes all seem to be quite bright
Demeaning are the means of others lies
Am seething at the seams I have no bride

The leaves that turn read of a wondrous sky
The seas will burn if we still wonder why…