In doubt

In doubt I think you’ll find you may be snared
If tried by trials of life it can be sad
Succumb to love a bit its not so bad
If even for yourself to show some care

The clout of everything can come so mad
The shouting deep within oh it can bare
The means to many sins oh they can scare
And burn into the flames oh how it hangs

And now my vice is low and though I’m fair
I’d still be glad to grow as such a man
To show a lot of love and to be grand
And look a little better for her stare

I’d hate to be the one who told you not
To love and live and give another shot

The calm

Delight in better tones of who you are
For might becomes of resonance of light
And spite will serve you many lonely nights
And brighter eyes you’ll show if you are calm

You could say that you’ll seed and with some time
You may succeed you may not come to harm
And you may seethe again or be alarmed
And you will learn to breathe in to be fine

The fight is won or lost you have refined
The strength to be the boss of your own life
And through it all you’ll learn of greater charm
To see the nights will help you to disarm

The cursed weapons of stress that take the heart
And you and love may never be apart

Of words

My text is yet to form I’ll warm my feet
The core of who I be I’m yet to know
I’ll have another coffee then I’ll go
To see a friend indeed and take a heed

Of written word to speak and spell the flow
Am smitten with the beat my company
Of brittle lines I spy another seed
To grow up late to need another go

A treat to be the man who needs to dream
I see I’ll dream a vision quite serene
And greed is dead to bleed into a tone
Forgotten and replayed unto a groan

Of touch and not of hatred that we feel
The clutch is hot I’ll get behind the wheel

Of Hatred Gone

The consequence of hate is all but dust
The recompense of trust is such as grand
I’ll spend my love on those who understand
Intensely call to lust oh yes I must

Defences destined true to aid a plan
I meant to be so new to tune me man
I fend off foes to flow a future just
I mend my woes to sow the seeds of love

And though I know bestowed are means so mad
I show I got the growth no moans can cuss
I’ve fucked it up before to call above
And after many years the tears will half

And beers and cheers will satisfy no more
The dancing was not for me to adore

In Time

In all my time I’ve hardly known deceit
A curse perhaps if truth is to be cruel
Immersed in ways revolving coming cool
The signs are fine to show me how to believe

And through it all I am becoming free
Of painful people seething of the fall
I see I am becoming rational
I can be me as time will bring relief

The deeds are done the fun is after all
I can relax sit back and slowly breathe
I read and write and learn of better tools
And soon I’ll need a girl to help me be

I dig the waves were rage and coming clear
And now I have so little left to fear

No more

No more today I’ve done all that I can
I’ve scored my thoughts in ink to break the drones
Of forces formed inside my body’s bones
And still I pray I’ll have a girl to hand

Is where I find so chilled the speaker’s tones
To break the loneliness to spare me glad
I’ll form another word of times I’ve had
And cease the times will seem to make me groan

Adoring days of waving bye to bad
Of making basic waves inside my home
It’s not another phase or just a fad
It’s calming therapy to me alone

And when I say am done it may be feigned
My mind is happy going forth again


In spite I might delight in nothing new
Of strife the fight to bite into my piece
No life for useless people such as me
Is how I could descend into my view

The strain remains I’ll toughen up the force
As muscles strain if working lifting weight
I know I am so plain it could be great
And stresses could be less to my remorse

If looking deeply down I could be sad
I’d love to smile and make another smile
And stay a while in love to make a child
And stay in arms of mother, understand

So what of this is to be true to believe
I just did not perceive it through deceit