I am prey…

To pray upon my weakness you’d be glad
I find myself to fall so easily
To bussom and a call ov nights ov glee
For grave and crazy bleakness dealt me mad

My sway to greet you fair and with a dream
Ov play no draining scores ov sour theme
I would be sweet the fall no make you sad
And after all I’m but a bitter lad

To you I’d tread for days if we can be
And weave with you in bless-ed company
The means to break the peace ov passions slam
And needs to be unseen ov love we had

Oh free un curs-ed love I’ve needed you
Alone again the scene is truly blue


Of course I wake to dream of her again
The laws will break I’ll breathe in to be free
Remorse I take to scheme of new pretence
Applauding greatly weaving truer means

The force was bent I needed but a friend
And now I have a better set of fiends
And some will leave and come and come and leave
And choices form to warm the bitter end

The score is set by means of which I read
I’ve toured the walls my callings storm I’ll tend
The core of which will drive you round the bend
If not for this man here in woe is me

And messed up from the start and left in grief
I’ll quench my first ov heart and feel her breathe


As waking ghosts the skies will find my love
Mistakes will place my eyes away from lust
And snakes will take away the evil lay
To break the pain in to a better place

Of love I seek the breasts to warm my peace
Above the weaker times my hate misplaced
And lines I write of her and she of me
In time we will concur our worlds embraced

To turn a phrase to turn our hate to dust
In ways of sex is best our love combust
In to a flame amaze the two of us
To play and sway and raise the steaks of touch

If change I need succeed to change I will
To be a greater man ov loving thrill


If there was love untold and all was mine
My pain would ease and all would please my mind
In all the nights alone living in dreams
Is nothing new it seems my will be fine

If there to hold and squeeze another soul
In pleasing form no storm between our worlds
Except perhaps in passion of our sex
In lust I hold her down towards the bed

If soft caress would heal my troubled woes
In silent blessings body be bestowed
Upon below beside and back below
In any way we possibly could know

Underneath the ceiling where I be
Alone again with all my fantasy