To Think

To think I could be better dressed and smart
Alarm the ladies with a manly tone
Be curtious and kindness have to show
I’m sinking slowly down to such an art

My things are mine, I want to have my heart
Yet still it would be nice to get to know
A person that I’d love to share my home
Who sings of how she does not want to part

I’d hope also she would be good to ask
And say at will; her needs as they do flow
My loneliness is just a part of woe
I’d hope she’d love to laugh and run my bath

To think I could be better dressed and brave
I’ll drink, respect the time it takes to pave

Sunday blues

Caffeined and lazy, how I live my days
No scene to phase me but the place of home
A book, the internet, the radio
No complex means to make me leave my place

I was so free in youth to roam away
Yet now I can be free, if all alone
To see the walls and floor in my own haze
To gaze and stay well clear of others groans

I have my ways to play in my dismay
And stay another day, is this disgrace?
If needs to must I see I have my phone
To call another gnome and have a moan

I see the light is still and slowly worn
My eyes were brighter through an active form

She Woman

The brave may fall in deeds to her embrace
A slave and fool to just a single kiss
Today I’ll pray again to see her face
A way to say I’ll stay – to just dismiss

The days so grey, the nights so all alone
Mistakes may plague my destiny too late
For trust to come so sweet in better tone
And grave the path was paved in past of fate

Her stains on history will long be known
In undergrowth of God, in all we tend
To show a bitter trend to mend our woes
But still her bite will spite her only friends

I know her not, as now a time is here
For her to bare her meaning from her tears


Her quaking body eases to my hold
The shaking screams of teasing from restraint
A lake of her will take away the pain
Inside my arms are never to be cold

We wake again to want to be one soul
Creating waves of love inside our world
All told in touch above all our distain
Unfolding lust to come to means of play

And gradual we come to be so bold
And gradual we come to be so brave
And stories from our love will not be told
Another day I’ll want her here to stay

And still alone I stay after the time
Is it to be our love was such a crime?

Simple plans

My plans are few I chose a simple path
Of life to spend my time in little strife
A man I am my life it could define
The grime to lower vastly for my tasks

Demands are true although of them I’ll laugh
Is grand to view my blues to be sublime
And news be gone so fast, is this a crime?
I think it so, you know it’s from the past

The brink it grew to overcome me daft
I think I’d turned to fruit’s forbidden wine
Are dried no prize to me or newer class
Hidden my eyes of hurt in all was high

And now I’ll drink at home, no need to cry
And link into my friends, no evil guys

A Time To Flower

My time is missed as ticking clocks do turn
And life may change so slowly, strained I wait
As late I was to come into my fate
Sublime the lies of heart of which I’ve learned

The chimes dismiss another kiss, I’ve heared
Of lips of fears adhered to minds irate
As mine defined, refined in years of hate
The fires of soul may scald the while they burn

The hands may hold my world to stay absurd
Demanding woes so bold in this debate
I wish of wings instead of bee or bird
The bliss to freely fly in nature’s grace

Among the flower’s fields I’d shed a tear
A song to sing, no thoughts to bring me fears

Faery bride

If you admire the frosted days in grace
And hollowed calls of ghouls are beauty true
If you aspire to glare into a space
Of nothing new and you are nothing too

If you do know disaster has it’s place
At least you know it comes as part of you
Calamity, or scenes of deep distaste
The night will come and dreams will never bloom

Of love you cackle loudly with a hate
A hate of gratitude to seething moons
And dance the moon; to your detested gloom
Detest is life and love cannot create

I summon you to come to live by me
In lust and sense, so grave our harmony