The eyes can see a treat to catch
Of her so lovely face
Her arms will charm so many men
With calm and warm embrace
Her life has made her very wise
She takes it all with grace
She takes so many hearts to break
The curse her gods create

Her life was very merry still
She needed to have spice
She took the time to meet a man
Who made her feel so nice
She found a man to hold her and
So everything was right
Until the thrills were lost and found
To curses and to spite

At first the hugs and sex were great
No other would compare
And nights of glee and company
Were not so very rare
And suddenly the nights did freeze
Into two hateful glares
As day would come it seemed the sun
Was never really there

The baby came the flames of her
Became so very mad
Enflamed was he to part the scene
So rotten was the plan
And she was closed to speak to him
Oh it was very sad
A man will come to be one day
And never know his dad

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