The smog

Oh days were doomed, consumed by all the smog across the land
Our sons and daughters coughed up residues of lungs and glands
To get away to space and make escape was what we planned
And we could speak no more of course we’d lost to reaper’s hands

Instead the generation next had given up on all
A breath or two before a death was sure as ghostly calls
Were crawling through the night of day to try and take on form
In eyes of weak and wretched fools to be a pawn of ghouls

The sun above was dying red, the sky was thick with dirt
No man alive will save his head or body of the hurt
The sickness formed, the crippled young were spluttering from birth
And had to share the dads and mums if theirs were pushing worms

And light it could not be to see for man or child or ghost
So spite and madness owned the soul, no signs of love or hope
And many thought both long and hard and hung themselves on ropes
So few were left to testing gods, how was a man to cope?

A younger man his name was Matt he questions through the gloom
And spoke to old and young so much of good and not of doom
He angered many wise men there with petulant good tune
His voice was lost, to not despair but hope of better news

In little time his time was up to be a man of town
They threw him further to the smog so they could all be down
We don’t have smiles we don’t have love, oh let us all have frowns
Our Matt was forced to go away and find another ground

He choked and coughed as walking off into a deathly scene
He’d thought his time will soon be stopped as would his loving dreams
He walked ten miles and walked ten more, and came across a stream
He sat a while and pondered death he screamed and screamed and screamed

He had no choice to walk ten miles and then walk ten miles more
His feet did hurt he walked ten miles which multiplied by four
And multiplied and multiplied by numbers in their scores
He felt he could not breathe, his feet were numb and red and raw

He stopped one day, fell to the ground he saw no light ahead
The sound of thunderous heavens came crashing to his head
And he was sure by love of God, his body will be dead
His eyes did close, his toes uncurled, his face went white from red

As ghouls surrounded welcoming him to another place
They whispered softly in his ears and he was just too drained
He came on back and vomited onto the worn out plains
It seemed his time was not yet up, he laughed and smiled again

He looked around him, stunningly the green around he saw
Inside a dome of glass was he with trees and moss and floor
And birds did sing and honey bees they buzzed around the doors
And Matt was happy once again this heaven he adored

He sat and ate the fruit of tree and honey from the nests
He walked around the dome and he came settling to rest
He slept ten hours and slept ten more until his heart had zest
And then he thought of home before and set to home – his quest

To tell the old, to tell the young of such a place as this
And help them to find freedom of fruit and honey’s bliss
He took a piece of fruit to show as proof of what they missed
And set to walk the many miles in smog and hail and shit

His throat was sore his skin was pale he walked in smog and rain
His nose was blocked with dirt and grime his body back in pain
His mind did fail his feet did walk again… again… again…
Until his frail ways kept him back and drove the man insane

And still he found the little stream he sat and pondered death
His mind was lost in brittle dream he wondered on instead
Til he could see the lights of town reflecting through the dread
Of smog and dirt his journeys worth had come before his death

He walked to town and settled down to sit and speak his piece
To whom was left and had not drowned or hung to their relief
And old and young sat on the ground and finally found belief
In words of hope and love and fruit and truth of trees and bees

They set off fast to find the dome a home they could adore
They walked ten miles and walked ten miles and walked ten miles more
They did not stop to ponder by the stream their feet were sore
They walked ten miles and walked ten miles and walked ten miles more

Until one dropped to death, the dread, she could not walk the floor
They buried her and walked ten miles their feet were red and raw
Another dropped, another dropped until no one was sure
That what Matt said was even true they hit him through the jaw

They hit his head with rocks and sticks until the man was dead
And headed back to homes of bricks in smog and fear and dread
Their eyes were down they found their frowns until they needed rest
They stopped at night to get some sleep and share their little bread

They woke to cough and choke and flee they had a look around
To see the dome and trees and bees that Matt had said he’d found
They ate the honey, rested well and lived on the new ground
The air was clear inside the dome, and they this heaven found


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