The farm’s gates

The trees will dance in the far off forest
I seem to be of yearning to be there
The clubs and streets are not for me to fare
And frankly they are destitute and shit

A scene of hills so green of pavements less
The earth below my feet of mud and twigs
Is where I’d rather be I will admit
So what of meat in clubs of legs and breasts

Another fiend or foe who knew a friend
And all the while we all try to pretend
Of love and courtesy in every pit
We call our homes oh what a lonely trip

I’d hate to rant and rave oh it’s too late
I want to kiss my love by the farm’s gates

The beat continues round

The beat continues round I’m sitting still
To tame my scribe my hand remaining calm
To hold the pen I’ve lots of ink to spill
Of my sweet charm

My legs are restless caffeine taints the void
A taken look into the verse of olde
Instead of death I state the paranoid
The worst is told

My dread is less I’m still to discipline
To write a day instead of just minutes
I’m wed to writing poetry, a sin?
I’m within it

I’m left inside to write of deeper woes
I’ve drifted late to take a slice of life
I’ve not a lot for now I have to show
And so I try


The cold may bite, the wind may knock you flat
A soul of ice may try and draw your heart
This world denies the highs, ideas will hatch
To rise above the plight of faded art

Untold the fables from our twisted collapse
Becoming bold of scolding chills to start
Composing worlds from which I may depart
I know I maybe old I can relax

I hold my dues to point me to the track
To walk another century entrapped
In meaning from the crap to talk so smart
To wean my way off death to take my part

As blessed are those of no disguise or lie
A whiter shade of truth may still defy


My reasons break and thus I feel relieved
My heart will ache no less of what I’ve done
I wonder often what will I become?
In years I see so many are deceived

The season’s take a toll on what we see
Once beauty came so readily to love
And now my deeds are harder than to be
Awaiting waves the decade’s forces shun

A fool I am my skull is full of steam
My brains are boiled so what’s the use of dreams
Another year of loss by which I’m stung
I’ll tie the knot to bind my silent tongue

I’d crawl alive evolving to run free
A human once again apposed my thumbs
I lost it all as I was very young
And what I’m owed of life I’m yet to believe

So still the walls around me every day
No thrills if I’m surrounded by dismay


To draw the blood of brotherhood with ease
To tilt my sword reflecting beams of sun
To settle scores of terror and deceit
To kill the scum

The blood may drip on to the ground below
Of blade so just and thus the deed is done
A sentence locked inside to slowly grow
Its just like home

No love or luxury I’ll meditate
Reflecting thus in awe of poetry
To contemplate of wisdom’s greater states
To come to believe

My acts they well destroyed to greater worth
In actual fact my righteous destiny
To take a life of evil from the earth
And love may be

Break me down

As night will fall as day will break me down
I might well be your next big thing
Although I may well stay on trusted ground
In love we’d sing

The fight became so dark and now is light
My might increases of the toil
Igniting power true to burn so bright
To feel loyal

My soul is still I dive so deep to delve
It’s cool and empty thus I wait
A fool I am stupidity my wealth
To feed my hate

A second passes by and yet I’m here
The same old place I ever was
Eradicate the hazes of my fears
To reach a plot

A Faded Gaze

To learn the gazes fade as will the days
Discerning tastes may take some time to learn
Of traits to win my pride within the games
The hurt may burn

To grin is not of sin I’d love to smile
And not only inside my mind
To find my grip to grind the wheels a while
Await the signs

Begin to nail the hinges to the doors
To open up and walk in to my fate
Maybe too late my soul is ripped and raw
My eyes awake

I’ll stand and chew the fat of lonely cause
To think of greater things to be
Illiterate to read the hues divorce
From mourning scenes