is it not great the way I call to you

my visions paint a thousand words of love

decisions break I wake to have it tough 

is it too late for what I thought was true
is it not great the way I fell to bruise

unfit to come to this old tragic game

I’ll split the fued again we’re severed blue

alone to view the world in pictures lame 
collisions bust all trust corrode the news

eroded dusty paths have come too deep

my phone is never ringing will I weep 

alone I’m never willed by your taboo
the skin of destiny will peel if cut 

by sin infectious scabs will ooze with puss

Sleepless ballad

my heart will beat as hard as steel 

as fast as trains will pass

my thoughts of loss are hard to heal

I have my drinking glass
a rum or vodka milk Kahlúa

to soothe my aching soul

my intentions always pure

as trouble will unfold
I’ll go to bed at 8pm

and sleep until midnight

again I will have to pretend

that everythings alright
in the end of the night time moon

as daytime slowly comes

the rain falls down the clouds of gloom

the drudgerys begun

The sky 

The sky was midnight blue and the birds were sleeping soundly in the trees

Another glass of wine the champagne tickling my tongue

The bubbles spiralling down my throat

Containers of spices on the kitchen shelves made me feel warm and cosy

We were sat at the table drinking our way to oblivion 

I remember your voice as soft as spiders webs 

I yearned to touch you

your smooth skin beckoning me

We never did make love 

I cried a lake into the morning alone and hung over in putrid frustration 

Autumns end…

The cold will bite

The heatings on 

The winter slowly haunts
My jumpers time

To be washed and dried

As rain and wind will taunt
And still you’ll see

Me in a dream

I’m shivering outside 
The amber leaves

All on the streets 

For summer time we cry
And soon it will be Christmas 

Hark the herald angels sing
All wondering who will miss us

And gifts they may well bring
And Christmas turns 

To New Year’s Eve 

And resolutions next
To start anew 

For chocolate grieve

To look so good undressed