Tick tock…

The night is terrifying

Her calm claws crept along my skin so silently 

My spine shuddering to the ice cold bite of the frosty air 
As I look inside myself I can see clearly the calamity of loss

Not just death but also how they run away when you scream
Like thousands of baby spiders from a broken belly of a mother about to face an uncertain future
How I wept once

But my tears are dry for I wept too much as a boy
Dry like a mother who has long since been one and escaped the cycles of bloodshed only to face the threat of cancer and fragile bones 
Snapping like twigs under the feet of monsters who turn the light to darkness and run through the hands of the clock twitching and turning in their sleep waiting for another hit
Tick tock

goes the clock

always moving 

Never stops

Good morning…

if all is to be love once more
as fools will seek the truth
my calling will be to adore

the core I lost in youth
always I want so much the whore

as she is floating passed
the haze I live in will deplore

my heart to her sweet ass
and she will never see me now

i do not have the cash
and I will be ok somehow

alone unknown to crash
in bed at night to early light

surpass my nights alone
my eyes so wide and so to spite 

the morning how I moan…