Dreamin o the daffodils high on the modafinil

sun light dies over the hill now I’m daft n ill

laughin now my life is so hard with half the skill

wanna chill gettin retarded no graft gettin my fill

regrettin my mispent youth all my time was killed

forgettin all the use o my means now its no thrills

low bills but no pleasin easily my minds spilled

over from the chills o my craziness aint my will

I had no real schemes to get the cream until

my dreams withered away into the moonshine eerily

hardly had a penny of my own to feed me

seems it keeps revolving cos I’m still here needing

life can be revolting insults will speak clearly

who wanna hear me when ya’ll ears still bleedin

feverish skin will break sweats when I’m asleep

best left to lay dead in a heap an am countin sheep