Time tittle tattles

Time tittle tattles while I rattle and rock

signs of the tatters am in all round the clock

stop — gotto get in check with the lot of it

besotted with this ride most certainly not

what to be me I got forgotten on this block

like odd socks sabotagin plots it’s a mirage

lyin to the flock like farage my ink blots

oasis of the past disaster I’m gettin plastered

clink glasses with bastards I’ve mastered the arts

fucked up like an artist while I just cant be arsed

to be startin to blast out left and the right

insights are a blessing to be messy in this plight

oh so existential I don’t own no pencil

mental existence resistance is shite

half wits are so dense pretence in enlightenment

I’m frightened my pen held firmly as I write this

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