Cup o Tea

I’m awake as the day break an am makin a cup a tea
I breathe in the air an am starin at the tv
sucks to be me n I aint ready to be grown
38 years n I aint got nothin to show

I doubt my whole flow in this life I gotto sow them
seeds of reality am pleading for my sanity
be swimmin in a sea of sharks like a manatee
spark in the lightening frightened ov humanity

despite all the darkness I’ll brighten this depravity
let it be let it be left in this city
a ghost of me previous self I need a lift
be it pretty, be it gritty, need to live life’s a gift

shift to the next verse th worst of its over
need to submerge in my mind and be covert
hide from the world and so many of the hurting
disturbed n th nerves from this curse be within


Pessimistic prose or poor poetry

Playin pretty plots into plain painted pleas

I ain’t got a plate ov peas

Please pay me pounds or pennies

Around about now man he ran out of p’s