It’s time to get my real life back on the track
forget the raw deal my ordeal not gonna get it back
a line the ink spills on this pad in my flat
layin back slack thinkin how am I gonna act

while the leaf turns the beef burns – left to the dust
like a stiff – we learn to think in god we will never trust
rewind we earn if we don’t give a fuck
for dreams seems we need to be means to another’s luck

I aint givin love to the beliefs ov a fat cat
push to the shove am gonna get the cash n that’s that
hugs an shoulder shrugs no thugs I got the magic
god dammit gon slam it down mans underground have it

A tragedy of panic – mechanics to a twat’s carriage
evadin da taxes that we need to eat cabbage
savagery intended of a mad mans malice
keen to see we easily pleased to be the damaged

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