written words urge me into my sobriety
am a learn to speak verse even though am a weak nerd
I got verbal variety reversing this worsenin
burns on my reality – depravity surgin

reoccurring like gravity my vanity in vane
distain snakin up a ladder badder than insanity –
pullin on the reins ov my brains but it has to be
rainin cats and dogs always down on me

the beast within I’ve learnt to sin in hedonistic ways
sit n praise the many rays ov love am a gonna wait
dunno why I gotto stay home anyways
lonesome even though I be chillin with da bays

amazed at my phases and self destruction
dysfunctional hazes grey skies align seduction
ov lovin drugs and suckin up to hugs with no fuckin
for somethin other than what I love I be cluckin

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