An unfinished book — Aliens do stuff — I will never get round to finishing so is all here free

The landing

The ferocious turbulence ensued as the craft began to penetrate the earths atmosphere, flames fired fiercely in all directions and the shiny metal outside of the flying disk was no longer visible through the red glow of intense heat. “Just a few more seconds” Nettles shouted to her trusty companion as everything was shaking violently. Sam who was basically a small brain in a large jar filled with some kind of jelly with various wires and small parts of circuit boards ripped from old washing machines and personal computers from the 1980’s attached to it. Sam used to be just like Nettles; Short with a very thin body, hair as black as coal, pale skin with absolutely no complexion what so ever, cat shaped eyes as black and as deep as space itself and small human like teeth with two stabby k9s at the top which were short and as sharp as daggers. The only difference between them previously being that Nettles was female and Sam was male. Sam died in a tragic UFO crash in the late 90’s and was kept by MI5 in a secret underground bunker somewhere near Huntington life sciences out in Suffolk when Nettles came to the rescue, only Sam was in fewer pieces by then and his brain was the only useful part of him left that was worth resuscitating. They were previously the greatest of frenemies when it came to space travel and would often crash into each others flying disks on purpose in space and had a long term competition over who could make the most intricate crop circles in some poor buggers field out in Wiltshire.
The turbulence ceased and all was calm again. The tinted moon smiled and the stars winked knowingly as the craft gracefully hovered above the green and brown fields, the mysterious forests, the winding rivers and of course the busy motorways. The clumps of towns and cities which infected all the skies hue with bright white and orange light which reflected from the clouds and ruined the night were the places to avoid for Nettles as her unusual looks would shock people into reporting her to the local rag and she didn’t need any attention from local weirdos. It was time to rest and Nettles safely landed the craft into a patch of grassland that was sat beautifully between a patch of forest on a hill. As she was landing the rumbling sound alerted the keen ears of a deer whom soon ran quickly and then tripped over a fallen tree then flew 6 feet across the grass into a rock. “I sense dinner” Said Nettles smirking and rubbing her tiny pale hands together. Sam ignored this not having eaten in 20 years and instead simply let out a few bubbles into the thick jelly that surrounded him. As the bubbles slowly move upwards towards the surface Nettles pressed waved her right hand and the door to the craft opened, quickly she closed it again as the heat from Earths entry was still quite intense. “Your going to have to wait a while” Said Sam in his robotic computer voice. “Can you not set the Air con to outside the ship” Nettles replied while raising her eyebrows. Sam said nothing and let out some more bubbles, he was a stubborn control unit as he didn’t really want to be one. He would rather be flying around the earth taking out chunks of cows and cooking them on campfires under a dim moonlit sky in the warmth of southern America or scaring off random strangers in parks in small towns in Devon.
“Oh for fucks sake” shouted Nettles. Nettles sat down cross legged and tuned into the radio to listen to the dance music change slowly into the lary and loud breakfast show as the sun slowly came up and the moon faded into obscurity.

“Right let’s grab this dead animal”

“Right let’s grab this dead animal, I’m hungry” Nettles commanded as she waved her hand to open the craft’s door. She stepped out into the daylight and quickly stepped inside again screeching like a cat that had just had its tail stood on. The daylight wasn’t exactly a close friend of hers as her pale skin would burn quickly in the sunshine, even on a dull day like this one. “Oh god were gonna have to wait again!” Exclaimed Nettles. “You stupid humanoid” smirked Sam in his robotic computer voice. Nettles curled up on the hard floor and attempted to sleep. She turned and twisted and twisted and turned underneath her worn thin gray blanket that she found on the side of a small winding road one day and eventually found her slumber. She was snoring in a high pitch and dreaming of a better life: surrounded by friends, dancing under the moonlight and playfully running around in the forests. “Wake up Nettles, the night time has come” Sam stated. Nettles made some incomprehensible noise that sounded like something between a growling Chihuahua and a helium filled bear. Her mouth was as dry as an arid desert and her stomach was rumbling like the purr of a tiger. She stirred and slowly stood up right, stretched out her arms and let out a long yawn. She waved her hand to open the door and stepped outside. The small deer was still and lifeless over by the rock as the hoot of an owl traveled through the woods with great ease. Nettles stepped down from the craft and headed towards her dinner almost tripping over the same tree that had changed the fate of the poor deer. “Dammit” she muttered under her breath as her teeth became more prominent and her black eyes widened. First she was gonna bite the poor things throat and suck out the blood for she was thirsty and then she was gonna bite chunks of meat from the animal and cook them on the engine of the craft for she was hungry. She began to carefully step towards the animal checking for signs of breathing, below her feet a branch quickly snapped and the sound echoed through the forest, the poor deer twitched and looked around, quickly stood up and ran away through the trees as fast as it possibly could. “FUCK, Fuck, fuck” Nettles shouted as she headed back to the craft with her head to the ground and her shoulders slumped forwards. “Well off to catch a cow then” reassured Sam Beef was Nettles least favorite food as she once mistook a bull for a cow which lets say didn’t end too well, nettles has had a gangster lean ever since.
Back in the ship and the tension between the two could be cut with a chainsaw. “It’s got to be beef Nettles” said Sam. Nettles stamped her feet on the ground as if she was a toddler as Sam stressfully released some bubbles into his Jelly, The hunt would begin immediately for Nettles was getting hungrier and hungrier. She fired up the motors of the craft and it began to hover, shimmering in the night. She maneuvered the craft over the trees and the fields scanning for cows as she did so. Meanwhile nearby, clumsily galloping at a slow pace was an escaped cow trying to get away from the strange whirring noise coming from over the hill, unaware of her fate the cow had a feeling in her stomachs that something wasn’t quite right. And that gut instinct was spot on for Nettles sensed the cow and steered the craft towards it without a second thought. The craft began to spin and went directly upwards into the sky. “Engage beam” said Nettles as some bubbles raised in Sam’s Jar a bright white and yellow beam shot down directly over the cow from the bottom of the craft and began to pull. “Mooo, moooo” said the cow as what else would you expect a cow to say. The cow began to levitate above the ground and continued to moo. The cow got higher and higher in the air until the beam went wrong. The cow was pulling back on the beam with its gravity and the craft was being pulled downwards. “More power on the beam Sam” said Nettles a few more bubbles in the jar and then the beam below the craft got brighter and pulled harder. The cow was not gonna win this this, she got pulled all the way to the flying craft and a port below the ship began to open. The port however was not all that large, Nettles being small only required a relatively small craft and thus… The cow wouldn’t fit through the port, it got kinda jammed. “More power on the beam Sam”. The cow bent in some weird angle into the port as if it was attending a yoga class or some shit. The craft projected up higher and higher into the air, “Switch off the beam Sam, just switch it right off”. The beam became non existent and the cow fell one thousand feet from the sky. With a huge crack and a splat the cow hit the ground, she would moo no more. “Not quite how I wanted it to happen” screeched Nettles pulling at her hair. The craft came down from the sky and hovered over the field and then lowered onto the green green grass. The door of the craft immediately opened upwards and Nettles jumped out of the craft like there was going to be no tomorrow. She ran to the dead cow, her mouth was watering. She began to bite it anywhere she could and suck the remaining blood from the body, until her face was painted red with it. Then she began to bite deeper into the animal and ripped out chunks of flesh with her mouth. She only had a small mouth so buried her head into the corpse all the while shredding through the flesh and biting chunks of meat out with her teeth. She grabbed all she could carry and head back inside of the craft in glorious victory. “We have some food at last” said Nettles dumping the food into a sliding door on the side of the interior of the craft.

“Time for dinner”

“Time for dinner” said Nettles, her face still bloody and saliva running down her chin. She undid some nuts and bolts above the crafts engine and threw a couple of slabs of beef on top of it. As the meat sizzled and the smell began to become more intense. Nettles started to squeeze blood from some of the other chunks of meat into a bowl. She then carefully poured the blood into a funnel which lead to one of the tubes sticking out of Sam’s jar. The color of his jelly which was usually clear dispersed into clouds of red which slowly expanded around inside. “Thats the shit, thats the shit right there, ooooh” Sam groaned in an ecstatic voice as Nettles flipped over her cuts of beef with a fork. It was getting a bit steamy inside the disk so Nettles opened the door to let some of it out, “I think this is ready now” she said with a wide grin. She closed the door and picked up the two pieces of meat with her bare hands and tore it apart with her teeth and munched on the meat as speedy as light. She let out a long loud belch and put the fork and other things away in a sliding slot on the inside of the craft.
Bang! ZZZZing clunk, Bang! ZZZZing clunk, “God damn fucking space cunts” Came a loud voice in a thick Devonshire accent. “Nettles, Nettles I think we have made a new friend” said Sam adding “And he has a rather large shot gun”. “Rightio then Sam, time for take off!” said Nettles in a shaky high pitched voice. The craft took off into the air while the farmer stood alone with his shot gun. He waved his fist in the air and gritted his teeth. The moonlight shimmered off the craft as it took off, quickly zipping across the sky and into obscurity. Higher than a hippy in the sky there were now, a migrating albatross thunked against the craft and fell thousands of feet to its impending death against the edge of a cliff. Nettles and Sam hesitantly hovered for a moment wondering where to go next…