Beat for sale…

I taken a break from writing for a bit and have decided to start selling beats

30 USD basic …

Thanks for listening…

Dithered Spring

going stir crazy smoking till am choking

fumes they gettin hazy mind is so broken

most of the time it’s unspoken o da rawness

focus unaligned no grind am in awe ov 

da fuckery wanna he buzzin till am bored bruh

‘cause just because I get sore from the core cuz

ain’t one to be followed like a cunt in a tour bus

drownin my sorrows on the hunt for some more drugs

ain’t a tough man as soft as bears paws fur

the stuff I wan do true ain’t got me in cuffs

It’s enough to get me fucked up luv I scrub up sometimes

an nursin with a remedy of poison my crime

defined by profanity lack of sanity n sunshine

man all the gravity drags me to the grime 

bag me up another baggie be it shine be it surfed up

know my worth on this earth is nuthin but a scum fucked


the fuckery 

the fuckery 

the fuckery  


the fuckery

the fuckery

I’m nursing  

rehersin my rhymes is my fuckery’s endeavour 

clever well whatever never mind I resign to

the fine line o talking shite sniffing lines n 


rebelling ain’t it I’m tryina grind to keep the devil in 

but minds they be expressing things n mine it be refreshing it

fresher when am spitting cos am living in dishevelled shit 

time to keep the perishing pleas o my better sins

 pinned to the beginnings misgivings ov regretting it 

forget it sis no kisses not a dribble a piss is given 

let alone feacal matter fickle fucker that I’m in 

the skin ov 

thinkin again ov quittin this

sittin on the toilet figuring out how to forgive bits

ignorance is bliss if your equipped with bitter gin

indifferent whims are slivering

into many things 

ding dongs at my crib I don’t wanna be letting them in

time to think and drink alone inside a dithered spring 

Cup o Tea

I’m awake as the day break an am makin a cup a tea
I breathe in the air an am starin at the tv
sucks to be me n I aint ready to be grown
38 years n I aint got nothin to show

I doubt my whole flow in this life I gotto sow them
seeds of reality am pleading for my sanity
be swimmin in a sea of sharks like a manatee
spark in the lightening frightened ov humanity

despite all the darkness I’ll brighten this depravity
let it be let it be left in this city
a ghost of me previous self I need a lift
be it pretty, be it gritty, need to live life’s a gift

shift to the next verse th worst of its over
need to submerge in my mind and be covert
hide from the world and so many of the hurting
disturbed n th nerves from this curse be within


War of the world’s or have we worn out the words

I be alien in the swarm gonna jot the absurd

Am breaking shakin up from the forms o this verse

you never get the best of me when listening to the herd

You Glistenin aluminium foil on your head

pretendin to be dead all your sins begin to blur

Man ain’t breakin bread I’m the man that bringin myrrh

Mad man meaning wisdom my mind in a mess

Nuva sign am in a stress tests blessings of occurrence

Generalising strict static references early

Eerie is the sentiment of living by the birds tweet

Eagerly awaitin for someone to hear this nerd speak

Its Bleak however am livin it to a positive

Never meant to heat up situations for the consequence

Heaven sent

Heaven rest for am a friend ov God

Be it am a sod

Hesitant still I’m benevolent

modafinil update


dreamin – dafodils etc

Dreamin o the daffodils high on the modafinil

the sun light dies over the hill n now I’m daft n ill

am laughin now my life was so hard I’ve half the skills

I wanna chill gettin retarded no graft I’ll get my fill – I’m

regrettin all my mispent youth truth th time was killed

forgettin all th use o my means – – no thrills

low bills but no pleasin easily my minds spilled

over from the chills o th craziness aint my will

had no real schemes for this cat to get the cream

Till I was deemed to wither away into the moonbeams eerily

I hardly had a penny o my own to be feedin me

it seems it keeps revolving as I’m still here n needing see

life can be revolting insults will speak clearly

who wanna hear me when yer ears r still bleedin – pale

feverish skin will break sweats when I’m asleep

hell I’m best left deep in a heap to be countin sheep

dreamin – dafodils etc

dreamin o the daffodils sky high in ignorance

substance abuse no excuse for bein such a cunt

seems I fucked up mad men may be ok with it

such is the ardous journey to the end of bliss

the end of this – need to get with the common sense

man takin the piss need to accept that were in a mess

I see all around me as peeps will come and go show

that out ov our damn minds the sun wont forever glow

slow down the flow dont let yourself go

you gotto get with the program even though its a slow jam

a gram in your hand make you foes into friends

or send out that man and dont go out on no bender

return to the sender absurd as it may sound

be bound by the entropy so low its underground

no come down perpetual know toes touch the ground

find a fresh remedy like the love that can be found – believe

dreamin – dafodils etc