Beat for sale…

I taken a break from writing for a bit and have decided to start selling beats

30 USD basic …

Thanks for listening…

modafinil update


dreamin – dafodils etc

Dreamin o the daffodils high on the modafinil

the sun light dies over the hill n now I’m daft n ill

am laughin now my life was so hard I’ve half the skills

I wanna chill gettin retarded no graft I’ll get my fill – I’m

regrettin all my mispent youth truth th time was killed

forgettin all th use o my means – – no thrills

low bills but no pleasin easily my minds spilled

over from the chills o th craziness aint my will

had no real schemes for this cat to get the cream

Till I was deemed to wither away into the moonbeams eerily

I hardly had a penny o my own to be feedin me

it seems it keeps revolving as I’m still here n needing see

life can be revolting insults will speak clearly

who wanna hear me when yer ears r still bleedin – pale

feverish skin will break sweats when I’m asleep

hell I’m best left deep in a heap to be countin sheep

dreamin – dafodils etc

dreamin o the daffodils sky high in ignorance

substance abuse no excuse for bein such a cunt

seems I fucked up mad men may be ok with it

such is the ardous journey to the end of bliss

the end of this – need to get with the common sense

man takin the piss need to accept that were in a mess

I see all around me as peeps will come and go show

that out ov our damn minds the sun wont forever glow

slow down the flow dont let yourself go

you gotto get with the program even though its a slow jam

a gram in your hand make you foes into friends

or send out that man and dont go out on no bender

return to the sender absurd as it may sound

be bound by the entropy so low its underground

no come down perpetual know toes touch the ground

find a fresh remedy like the love that can be found – believe

dreamin – dafodils etc

A lonely pint…

The bright lights behind the bar were in great contrast to the dark and dim atmosphere that surrounded it. The furniture was dark brown and there were lighter brown walls around with warn images of winged mythological creatures with lions heads and strong arms with certain claws directly painted on them.

One man was sat at the bar slowly mulling over his pint in deep thought. “Still waters run deep huh…” the barman said to the customer. The man nodded in agreement and stroked his beard in a contemplative manner. He then swilled his pint around and took a small sip from it.

The clock on the wall said a quarter past six as a large golden retriever wandered slowly towards the man and looked up with kind begging eyes, The man patted her head. The smell of malted dog hairs, hops and musk of unclean carpet merged into the warm air.

The man threw the dog a crisp onto the wooden part of the floor below him. Then dog looked down, ate the crisp and looked up again.

“Not no more” the man said as he took the last sip of his pint.

He slowly stood up, nodded to the barman and walked slowly to the exit. As he opened the door the sounds of rushing traffic and people talking outside overcame the quiet soft rock music in the pub as if there had only been c0mplete silence.