new song intro – rude (adult)

My dick  like anothers bank account difficult to access

I don’t wan any bitch who thinkin who she’ll shag next

Perplexing i don’t wanna go outside anyway

How am I gon get ma way if I stay home n play



My brain ticks away like an old rusty clock

I’m flying terrain: astral plains I forgot

Faded away into intricate plots

Delicate mainly while my place rots

My place remains straining my tea leaves are green

Seeming they’ll go off while I consume coffee

Energy drinks are not recommended

I like it when my mind is speedy and blended

Splendid gonna have beans on my plate

Relating to devasted people who hate

I ain’t irate though I like to create

With a word and a beat while I eat what I make

The state of the nation again in decay

I’d like to live through all the hurt while it change

And hopefully things will steer clearly to left

So I can have my life living with respect

Movin oooon

Ain’t gonna live the way that everybody else is

Paint a bitter picture I’m afraid I’m being selfish

Crazily I’m hazy on severing these fakes

Levering this stage essentially I hate this

Little on my plate in metaphor and reality

Great to have mates but this place is plain savagery

I be sailin away next phase ain’t on this ship

I Better get a grip will they visit me on the flip

a ride to the next crib with my boxes

Seem to be livin like some wild foxes

Dirt on my feet I can’t cope with it all frenzied

Feedin all the envy evidence I be too friendly

Fiends can be theives and thrive as the enemy

Sendin me the vibe like they gone be the end of me

Bless me lord please let me end all the entropy

Let me get it right I be beggin for the best to be


War of the world’s or have we worn out the words

I be alien in the swarm gonna jot the absurd

Am breaking shakin up from the forms o this verse

you never get the best of me when listening to the herd

You Glistenin aluminium foil on your head

pretendin to be dead all your sins begin to blur

Man ain’t breakin bread I’m the man that bringin myrrh

Mad man meaning wisdom my mind in a mess

Nuva sign am in a stress tests blessings of occurrence

Generalising strict static references early

Eerie is the sentiment of living by the birds tweet

Eagerly awaitin for someone to hear this nerd speak

Its Bleak however am livin it to a positive

Never meant to heat up situations for the consequence

Heaven sent

Heaven rest for am a friend ov God

Be it am a sod

Hesitant still I’m benevolent


no more light at the end of the tunnel

its like the final fight to end all the trouble

quite right I sit tight an try and burst the bubbles

get my verses heard but my words are mumbled

I was shinin bright through the strife and the struggle

my life coulda woulda been alright I could be humble

collecting all the nectar like a bumble bee

rejecting my plight into this negativity

aged in my brains like a rotting disease

pleased to make peace with forgotten prophesy

ragin at the people when am weak at the knees

an takin any form of illegal remedy

I believed deceit and revenge would be easy

seemingly not I got locked up – please free me

dreamin of a scene of pastures of green

passed all my serenity cant seem to scream