it seems life is in the dice of the hands of Satan

I believe my soul is ice from woman and man lost their fate

I dream they never left but in my breath its blatant

I scream when I wake when am facin at the gates


o hell or heaven where were racin to at a fast pace

I cant seem to take it steady get ready hate

and some aint gonna wait or be hesitatin at all

am gonna be a devastated delicate fool


just the same as ever – many days are straight cruel

I will never be severed of the tears while my heart beats

Aimin to get clever never made it outta school

the years have an art of learnin to make you weak


so bleak and gloomy the doom will make you speak

consumed by defeat and the heat of hell

dispellin many myths that were gonna be well

well I guess this is it of all this ish me I can tell

Rot in pieces…

And death remains within my brains

And sticks as it were glue

A breath retains a piece of fate

I’m breathing in the fumes

Of cigarettes and traffic waste

Disgraced I have my blues

I won’t forget my rotting mates

Who’ve gone away too soon…

Lady death

The ice will melt the curse begins
You’ll see a path ahead
So frightening the skies the clouds
Of big and blackened dread
The aftermath of life to find
Another world instead
Remember not the strife before
Which brought your heart to rest

The striking lightening will call
Your soul into the skies
No action now will bring you back
Or help you realise
A pact of fate we all do hate
Our gaunt and ghostly bride
We’ll marry her to our regret
And meet the other side

Lost and Lonely Light

As eyes go weary memories
Will fade into the night
Who once were there will come to be
A lost and lonely light
Despite the warmth of eyes so dear
I’m still to feel the bite
As flesh to dust I’ve left my trust
And given up the fight

So now I’m plane of lust and fear
A man I’ll fare alright
I’ve gained a care or two to smear
Into the black and white
I’m slackin back I’ve lost the knack
No longer shining bright
I once was here I’ve come to be
A lost and lonely light

Grave embrace

The grave embrace of death may come a shock
A taste of bitter lies eternally
A waste of such a life to stop the clock
To brave the waves of strife may set you free

To prey upon the weak and break the flock
If beaten thus the end will take your needs
The treats of living sure will come to be
I’ll stay for now to plead so silently

This place is earth will spin and never stop
As long as we will stand and sleep and breathe
And bland the lines I write again to top
My soul up with release of those I grieve

The grave embrace will take you from your worth
Remaining brave to save my sacred birth