The Monsters Maze

The tone of life is bleaker than the night
So cold the bite of winters rain on me
As day it may not come to ease the bite
Of icy air I see as out I breathe

The theme of my dull days- it slows to die
It seems the winds may howl and they may feed
Of loneliness and sorrows of my plight
Into the depths of destiny I flee

The scene is set so dreary, don’t ask why
I’ve come to know my woes as company
My web is spun by spiders from the deep
And they will crawl into your room and bite

And life you may not know if from a haze
The shadows form into the monsters maze

Sunday blues

Caffeined and lazy, how I live my days
No scene to phase me but the place of home
A book, the internet, the radio
No complex means to make me leave my place

I was so free in youth to roam away
Yet now I can be free, if all alone
To see the walls and floor in my own haze
To gaze and stay well clear of others groans

I have my ways to play in my dismay
And stay another day, is this disgrace?
If needs to must I see I have my phone
To call another gnome and have a moan

I see the light is still and slowly worn
My eyes were brighter through an active form