Haikubes 24-03-2015…

A vision for my worklife…

My partner watching
Timidly smooth parallel
Rivals dilemma…


Haikubes 14-03-2015

A tirade about my childhood

All #@&*#!! Happy
Glorious slimy, rides next
On wicked moonlight

A reflection on my childhood

Sleep for feeling charm
Dynamic places turn wind
I shiver inside

A vision for my future

Her mouthful my lips
Ravenous heavy #@&*#!!
Feeling giant bust

A desire for my family

Honestly mouthing
My able grace, shot sneaky
Shady war rides last

A regret about my work life

#@&*#!! Hellbent home
Promises of honestly
For wicked that peace

A vision for our world

Hero stay clever
A dancing wind or water
In able places

A reflection on my romantic life

The #@&*#!! wicked
Who waste a precious mouthful
Flying between us

Haikubes 10-03-2015

A regret about our world

It’s heavy biting
Your god Embraced shot whispers
Dreaming promises

A dream about my romantic life

She dripping a pool
A wet crack, fantasy shines
Ravenous, fertile

A vision for my future

One ritual rivals
Our balance turn to fortune
We have violet charm

A dream about our world

As his heart rivals
We simple, also gentle
Feeling with hard nerve

A reflection on my romantic life

It’s heavy moonlight
This shady room too empty
My life stay gentle

A tirade about my romantic life

My fantasy fall
Quickly her body wicked
To god I yelled for

A dream about my family

She heavy moonlight
Ravenous brother not ouch
For shady biting

Haikubes 06-03-2015

A regret about my childhood

The shady dreaming
Many precious grace turn #@&*#!!
Left here sleep watching

A regret about my childhood

Muck greased the gleeful
Your hard nerve ritual marvel
His war bottle lots

A dream about my childhood

The wild places last
Embraced alternate violet
If parallel looks

A reflection on my future

Along clear journey
One realize your clever
Alternate dancing

A reflection on our world

Radical Fathom
If flying wild, violet tangle
Her dancing thunder

A desire for my family

#@&*#!! Switch over
Hellbent biting, obey love
To trouble behind

A tirade about my romantic life

Feeling desperate
Hmmmm promises never last
I love any girl

Haikubes 04-02-2015

A tirade about my family

A silly woman
Simple desperate dancing
I feeling thunder

A tirade about my romantic life

Heavy to stick rear
Wet desperate fantasy
Sour over time

A vision for my romantic life

My mouthful to lips
Her gentle body Embraced
I journey down there

A dream about my work life

Embraced with riches
So many behind tangle
Dancing,  we up ground

A vision for my work life

It’s into stage next
The logical stay around
Our quickly precise

A reflection on my work life

Me not wrong but he
Honestly I down,  realise
Last looks stay sour

A reflection on our world

Giant eyes gentle
Consume Embraced blows, under
If shelter shady