Beat for sale…

I taken a break from writing for a bit and have decided to start selling beats

30 USD basic …

Thanks for listening…

Dithered Spring

going stir crazy smoking till am choking

fumes they gettin hazy mind is so broken

most of the time it’s unspoken o da rawness

focus unaligned no grind am in awe ov 

da fuckery wanna he buzzin till am bored bruh

‘cause just because I get sore from the core cuz

ain’t one to be followed like a cunt in a tour bus

drownin my sorrows on the hunt for some more drugs

ain’t a tough man as soft as bears paws fur

the stuff I wan do true ain’t got me in cuffs

It’s enough to get me fucked up luv I scrub up sometimes

an nursin with a remedy of poison my crime

defined by profanity lack of sanity n sunshine

man all the gravity drags me to the grime 

bag me up another baggie be it shine be it surfed up

know my worth on this earth is nuthin but a scum fucked


the fuckery 

the fuckery 

the fuckery  


the fuckery

the fuckery

I’m nursing  

rehersin my rhymes is my fuckery’s endeavour 

clever well whatever never mind I resign to

the fine line o talking shite sniffing lines n 


rebelling ain’t it I’m tryina grind to keep the devil in 

but minds they be expressing things n mine it be refreshing it

fresher when am spitting cos am living in dishevelled shit 

time to keep the perishing pleas o my better sins

 pinned to the beginnings misgivings ov regretting it 

forget it sis no kisses not a dribble a piss is given 

let alone feacal matter fickle fucker that I’m in 

the skin ov 

thinkin again ov quittin this

sittin on the toilet figuring out how to forgive bits

ignorance is bliss if your equipped with bitter gin

indifferent whims are slivering

into many things 

ding dongs at my crib I don’t wanna be letting them in

time to think and drink alone inside a dithered spring