I do not need love

I do not need love

I do not need you

it would all end in gloom

I do not need love


I do not need love

I don’t wanna be used

I’ll get the blues and be true

I do not need love


I do not need love

I’ll leave my heart in the ice

of a river of your spite

I do not need love


I do not need love

once bitten, shy twice

I’ll leave love behind

I do not need love


is life so fair

Another sonnet of sorts

To spend my time still drifting through my mind

Instead of lifting up to work the grind

To close my eyes to wake to find you gone

I roused to like myself as only one

And still my fluttering heart beats soon pound

Inside my chest as I am all alone

I needed you to call me on the phone

Although my feet are firmly with the ground

I yearn to hear your voice again and say

A simple word of loving ill refrain

Because your heart belongs to someone else

I am but stuck in hell all by myself  

Although it could be worse and life is fair

To me I find no other could compare

Little words…

As all the little words will come in ease to cleanse the mind

I find my mind is quite at loss I believe my peace I’ll find

I’m cross still me I’ve paid my dues in ways to pave the lies

To come anew and lose my blues and truly come refined


As dominoes will fall in wavy lines my fate aligns

To find a bride perhaps to get my shit to come in time

My love is lost at quite a cost across my life I’ve tried

To fail and never get the girl oh why am I denied…

Loneliness (Sonnet)…

As love is lost and never comes to me

The cost of bitter life in crazy walls

I close my eyes to joy as tears may fall

although my eyes are dry so I may breathe


Relax and stay a while as longing seeds

Of deeds may shoot to flower, fruit and be

Of praise and wonderment so slim and tall

The waves of doubt will spread and knock them all


And back and forth and round and round it seems

And loneliness my friend on whom I call

to be my lover true it has been deemed

to death we both will wonder slow and sure


And as my muse a faded glance or cry

I know to not be loved but to despise



Love To Keep

The thing is this, I can’t go on no more
Without a kiss of one I can adore
Or hugs at night to ease away my stress
The love I need to make me feel so blessed

I’ll bring no tricks- I’d live on for her form
Her grip into my arms I love, oh yes
I love the way she looks in her undress
I’ll linger where she breathes and love her warmth

I’ll wake as she will wake as if we’re born
Together from the start and share our thoughts
As morning rises we will pass the test
Of love and hate, adhered to our requests

And conquer hate and conjure love to keep
And blur the lines of who we are to be

To Think

To think I could be better dressed and smart
Alarm the ladies with a manly tone
Be curtious and kindness have to show
I’m sinking slowly down to such an art

My things are mine, I want to have my heart
Yet still it would be nice to get to know
A person that I’d love to share my home
Who sings of how she does not want to part

I’d hope also she would be good to ask
And say at will; her needs as they do flow
My loneliness is just a part of woe
I’d hope she’d love to laugh and run my bath

To think I could be better dressed and brave
I’ll drink, respect the time it takes to pave

She Woman

The brave may fall in deeds to her embrace
A slave and fool to just a single kiss
Today I’ll pray again to see her face
A way to say I’ll stay – to just dismiss

The days so grey, the nights so all alone
Mistakes may plague my destiny too late
For trust to come so sweet in better tone
And grave the path was paved in past of fate

Her stains on history will long be known
In undergrowth of God, in all we tend
To show a bitter trend to mend our woes
But still her bite will spite her only friends

I know her not, as now a time is here
For her to bare her meaning from her tears