Little words…

As all the little words will come in ease to cleanse the mind

I find my mind is quite at loss I believe my peace I’ll find

I’m cross still me I’ve paid my dues in ways to pave the lies

To come anew and lose my blues and truly come refined


As dominoes will fall in wavy lines my fate aligns

To find a bride perhaps to get my shit to come in time

My love is lost at quite a cost across my life I’ve tried

To fail and never get the girl oh why am I denied…

Morning comes

Oh how the morning comes on everyday
Coffee or tea to take away the haze
I skip a meal, the most important meal
In hope my belly doesn’t look so filled

The sun is hiding; rain in skies so grey
He will be shining soon in winters chill
Contrast as this dismisses the ideal
Of sun or snow to glow or go and play

No fun I’m glum my morning head dismayed
I’ll pen the words or watch my phone relay
The messages and things, oh such a thrill
The blessings of our time, so where’s the skill

I’m still to think and do the things I do
My life is simple still, a life to choose

Love To Keep

The thing is this, I can’t go on no more
Without a kiss of one I can adore
Or hugs at night to ease away my stress
The love I need to make me feel so blessed

I’ll bring no tricks- I’d live on for her form
Her grip into my arms I love, oh yes
I love the way she looks in her undress
I’ll linger where she breathes and love her warmth

I’ll wake as she will wake as if we’re born
Together from the start and share our thoughts
As morning rises we will pass the test
Of love and hate, adhered to our requests

And conquer hate and conjure love to keep
And blur the lines of who we are to be

The Monsters Maze

The tone of life is bleaker than the night
So cold the bite of winters rain on me
As day it may not come to ease the bite
Of icy air I see as out I breathe

The theme of my dull days- it slows to die
It seems the winds may howl and they may feed
Of loneliness and sorrows of my plight
Into the depths of destiny I flee

The scene is set so dreary, don’t ask why
I’ve come to know my woes as company
My web is spun by spiders from the deep
And they will crawl into your room and bite

And life you may not know if from a haze
The shadows form into the monsters maze

Sunday blues

Caffeined and lazy, how I live my days
No scene to phase me but the place of home
A book, the internet, the radio
No complex means to make me leave my place

I was so free in youth to roam away
Yet now I can be free, if all alone
To see the walls and floor in my own haze
To gaze and stay well clear of others groans

I have my ways to play in my dismay
And stay another day, is this disgrace?
If needs to must I see I have my phone
To call another gnome and have a moan

I see the light is still and slowly worn
My eyes were brighter through an active form


Her quaking body eases to my hold
The shaking screams of teasing from restraint
A lake of her will take away the pain
Inside my arms are never to be cold

We wake again to want to be one soul
Creating waves of love inside our world
All told in touch above all our distain
Unfolding lust to come to means of play

And gradual we come to be so bold
And gradual we come to be so brave
And stories from our love will not be told
Another day I’ll want her here to stay

And still alone I stay after the time
Is it to be our love was such a crime?

Summers done

High till my mind run defied by the sun
Time on the lines I could be writin rhymes son
Sky tonight dry the moon an the scum
I like to stay inside away from the fuss

Some day I’ll fly away from the pain to my love
O graves in the rain I can prey for my lust
Complain ov distain on a wave is a must
Betrayed by my fate too late to gain sluts

Waitin for my kingdom ov stains in th dust
Debatin o the hate as a way to gain trust
Slatin ov the greats no wait I’d get fucked
No way am comin up like am munching on duds

A whiff o the knickers no way I get enough
Horrific for my ticker like am sniffing white stuff
Stick it to my figure stuff my belly with th buns
Fill it full a liquor till I get a bigger tum

High till my mind run defied by the sun
Time on the lines I could be writin rhymes son
Quick to stick my eyes to the tits and the bums
Slick in my vision no grip to win some

Pull a trick ov indecision dull flickers o the glum
Skulls in conundrum flip out without fun
Doubts o gettin nowt drouts ov exclusion
Amount to dissolusioned days diggin numb

Bouts ov delusion corrosion to my house
Shoutin like a mouse so you wont hear me out
No clout no solution loosin like a lout
Brusin on the lager an cruisin for a cow

High till my mind run defied by the sun
Time on the lines I could be writin rhymes son
Sky tonight dry the moon and the scum
I like to stay inside away from the fuss