A cafe…

As soon as I opened the door I noticed the selection of gooey and colorful cakes in the cafe counter. I was terrified as I had only just began a low fat – low sugar diet.

I approached the que to the cafe counter and had a look around.

This place was smothered in pink paint and the furniture was plain in mahogany colors.

The sounds of clinking cups and customers chattering all merged into a blur suddenly fading as the dominating roar of coffee being made was the only sound which then faded into footsteps along the hard wood floor and keen writers typing away in their blogs and half finished projects on their laptops.

It was finally my turn to order and the pleasant warm aroma of ground coffee beans lured me into ordering a dark chocolate mocha. However I managed to resist the strawberry cheesecake, donuts and profiteroles which seemed to speak my name and scream at me to eat them.

The waitress smiled. She was in her early twenties. She was tall, thin and had long blond hair. After I had paid she said she would bring my drink over to me and smiled again.

I walked away and sat down at one of the tables, the chairs were very comfortable.

I looked up at the pink bookshelves and noticed a variety of neatly arranged books and board games, this place was homely.

I stood up and picked out a book of selected poems and sat down to await my hot dark chocolate mocha.

The empty hospital

She was late and she decided to take a shortcut through the building site.

All the workmen were gone but still the sounds of the engines whirring made here wonder where they were.

The engines suddenly slowed down and stopped. She looked around at all the yellow machinery but again there was no one to be seen.

She stopped… She then questioned the logic in her not running away.

She began to walk, she walked faster than before. She then ran, she ran through the piles of palletes, jumping over boards and white bathroom equipment.

A flash of light and she was out cold on the hard gravel, a pool of blood oozing from the back of her head as she lay like a corpse.

several days later she woke up in a haze of confusion and tiredness.

She was on a hospital ward, she immediately pressed the nurse button and waited…

But no one came.

She carefully stood up in her thin blue apron and began to walk slowly through the ward and out to the reception area.


It was empty, only the whir of the flickering lights hinting and impending darkness.


She walked thurther out into the main corridors and still there was no one.

No doctors, no nurses, no patients.

The lights flickered again and one of the bulbs smashed and went out further down the corridor.

She continued to carefully pace, turning left where the sign pointed towards the exit.

Outside were empty cars and static ambulances.

Silence… No conversations, no traffic, not even a singing bird.

Just the trees around for life.

It seemed as though a deep sadness reflected from dim sun onto the windows of the empty buildings that surrounded.

She screamed, she screamed a powerful scream, she screamed with all her mind, body, heart and soul.


Her heart pacing like a fast kick drum she fell to her knees.

A tear fell from her left eye and rolled down her cheek… and another tear from her right. and her tears fell in floods to the ground below her.