Sunday blues

Caffeined and lazy, how I live my days
No scene to phase me but the place of home
A book, the internet, the radio
No complex means to make me leave my place

I was so free in youth to roam away
Yet now I can be free, if all alone
To see the walls and floor in my own haze
To gaze and stay well clear of others groans

I have my ways to play in my dismay
And stay another day, is this disgrace?
If needs to must I see I have my phone
To call another gnome and have a moan

I see the light is still and slowly worn
My eyes were brighter through an active form


Chocolate Sunday

My mind may rise above the clouds today
Sunday today I’ll stay in bed again
I’ll spend my ends on chocolate, hurray
The greyer skies may wait for time to tend

Define a rhyme to write out with a pen
No grave disdain to pray about in hate
This line is mine I’ll find to no debate
For time is spent alone and not with friends

I’ll sit up slack, legs crossed upon my bed
My spine aligned to twist, to click and bend
I tune to sounds so mellow, grand and great
The moon will come so early day will break

And chocolate and booze may break the blues
And other food, of course and music too